Xara web designer mx premium 8 шаблоны

Web Designer makes it easy to add all kinds of whizz-bang-pop elements like YouTube video, PayPal options and social-networking buttons to your site. Once you’ve finished, creating your own website with MAGIX Web Designer will be a breeze. MAGIX Web Designer is particularly attractive for beginners because it is so simple to use. Stretch with Page: This option is useful if you are using a background rectangle on your site and want it to automatically expand as the page is stretched. Go to Next PagePages: 1 2 3. When you’re finished, there is a preview function and full publishing capabilities, so going live with your creation will be just as easy as creating it was. MAGIX Web Designer makes designing your website a piece of cake. Xara Menu Maker – решение для разработки многоуровневых меню web-сайтов.Сайт производителя:.

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