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Its SEM image (Fig. 2d) reveals the two-order hierarchy: the C network (first order) and the silver NW (second order). NWs have an average length of ∼50 μm and diameter of ∼200 nm. Fresnel As mentioned just above, transparent objects such as glass or water are both refractive and reflective. (15 Голосов) 13.06.2009 ШАБЛОНЫ Joomla Обновился шаблон от Rockettheme RT Refraction до версии 1.5.1 Демо шаблона: В архиве: Шаблон 1.5.1, Быстрый старт (QuickStart), Исходники, Расширения (модули и компоненты), PDF описания и инструкции по установке и обновлению. Thus, condition (i) implies fine structure and self-similarity (fractal network) in the plane. For this reason we reduce the brightness of the reflection by a small amount (20% in our example — line 24). This is not totally wrong, as mirror like surfaces generally never reflect 100% of the incident light anyway.

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