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The way Nash talks about it, he and guitarist Joey McClellan (who also figures in the current Midlake lineup) wrote the song in 20 minutes as their van was leaving the city after a show. “We had stayed in Silver Lake for a few days, Hollywood sign in the distance. Why is it such an effective form of expression and protest? And there have been several high-profile releases from hip-hop and soul artists that have been reflective of the tension, frustration, and anger. 10. Shawn Parr Talks 2016 ACM Awards and Winner Predictions Lisa, Jim and Tammy talk with golden-voiced radio DJ and TV announcer Shawn Parr about some of the award categories, discuss the nominees and argue about who will win and why. The creation myth of this, his fourth album, is full of elemental interventions and manly responses: a home-made studio in a place called Dripping Springs; a cataclysmic flood, just as recording sessions were about to begin; a staunch, all-hands-to-the-pump rescue and repair operation.

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