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Monitoring Routers and Switches Up To: Contents See Also: Monitoring Publicly Available Services Introduction This document describes how you can monitor the status of network switches and routers. For this example, lets say you want to monitor a variety of services on a remote host. You can also try to exclude OpManager from Antivirus to prevent this if that causes the problem. Solution: Adding monitors for MSSQL Monitors:- Here are the steps to associate the MSSQL monitors to a device: 1.Go to the snapshot page of a device.2.Scroll down and select the Monitors tab.3.Click on Performance Monitors. Why does opmanager have to run as root under linux? OpManager has an in-built MySQL and TOMCAT which needs lot of changes to run as non-root user. So we didn’t provide this option. It is the same for all our ManageEngine products.

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