Helix ii шаблон

The twisting of U27 can be attributed to its C2′-endo sugar conformation and a trans ε angle causing rotation around the glycosidic bond. Vina Bonnie is Fully Support it! CSS & Javascript Compression: Helix decreases your website loading time drastically by using Advanced CSS & JS compression systems that works with all types of browsers. Nucleotides are colored as described in Figure 3. The helix II stem is capped by a well-defined, structured pentaloop (Figure 4B). The first two nucleotides, G26 and U27, stack on the 5′ side of the loop with G26 stacking directly over the U25·A31 closing base pair. Previous SectionNext Section INTRODUCTION Telomerase is the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex responsible for maintenance of the telomeric DNA at the physical ends of chromosomes.

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