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Appellate brief & reply brief — web pageAppellate brief & reply brief — WordPerfect format. Laura M. LeWinn, J.S.C. ( MercerCounty )The trial Court erred in convicting defendant of violating the parties’ mutual Domestic Violence restraining orders where there was no evidence that defendant’s outburst at his former wife rose to the level of quasi-criminal harassment. Allison Accurso, J.S.C. ( MercerCounty )As has happened occasionally in the past, the trial Court, due to calendar congestion or some other reason, was delaying issuing an order. In this case, it was on an unopposed motion to freeze proceeds from an inheritance and sale of real estate. Emergent appellate brief MCBSS o/b/o Brookins & Williams v. Tolbert, (App.Div. Appellate DecisionEmergent appellate brief Weinstein v. Weinstein (App.Div.

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