Скачать шаблон advance ucp

Click the phone brand.We are using Digium in our example.You should now see a list of Available Firmwares.Drag the latest firmware to Firmware Slot 1.Click the Submit button. Keep this in mind when deciding the order of your routes.Go to Connectivity -> Outbound Routes. When referring to letters of credit, banks and others involved in international trade will generally use the UCP definitions of key terms and phrases. UCP also sets out general documentary requirements and standard practices for handling letters of credit. Select the desired type of new extension, enter the extension number, and enter the display name. In our example we are creating a new Chan_SIP extension. Without setting up outbound routes, you will not be able to make calls outside your system.If you are a SIPStation user, a few basic outbound routes are automatically configured for you when you set up SIPStation trunks.

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