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According to his label, Universal Music, Juanes has won, among others, twenty Latin Grammy Awards (5 wins in the Grammy Awards on November 13, 2008) and two Grammy Awards. The track «Sólo» from the album Niño Gigante in 1992 was very popular. In 1997 after the band broke up, Juanes continued solo and in 2000 he released the album, Fíjate Bien, which earned him three Latin Grammys. These difficulties arise from the fact that the term «terrorism» is politically and emotionally charged.[25][26] In this regard, Angus Martyn, briefing the Australian parliament, stated, The international community has never succeeded in developing an accepted comprehensive definition of terrorism. For my own firm, I use simply docs for all my Legals and QA needs. Some consider this to be manipulation and exploitation of the media.[176] The Internet has created a new channel for groups to spread their messages.[177] This has created a cycle of measures and counter measures by groups in support of and in opposition to terrorist movements.

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